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Analyzing Financial Statements

Many tax preparers get on the right track to grow their practice by learning about the financial workings of businesses. Learning how to analyze a company's Financial Statements is a great opportunity to acquire more clients! Businesses are always looking for knowledgeable tax preparers to assist them with their tax preparation and accounting. That is why our school created this quick and easy "refresher" mini-course focusing on analyzing the most used financial statements. At the end of this mini-course you will be able to easily analyze and read the main financial statements used by almost all businesses. Prepare yourself today! Course version: 2012 Edition.
In this course you will learn about several subjects that you might have forgotten, feel insecure about, or simply don't know the technical accounting guidelines. You will enjoy the way the material is taught - with an innovative and fresh approach. After completing the course, you will gain the practical knowledge needed to read and analyze proper financial statements. The course is short, and it includes comprehensive explanations about the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Owner's Equity Statement, and the Cash Flow Statement. Overall, the course is a great read! It's easy to understand and uses interesting real-world business examples.

 Learn To Read & Analyze Financial Statements!
When you complete the course you will be able to:


Talk to your clients with confidence. You will improve your financial vocabulary and you'll be able to explain (and better understand) your client’s financial position.


Understand and analyze. The most used financial statements like the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Owner's Equity Statement, and the Cash Flow Statement.


Use the accounting equation. In the Balance Sheet to summarize assets, liabilities, and equity.


Compute and analyze concepts in the income statement. Such as a company's Earnings Per Share.


Make substantially better financial decisions for your clients. You will be more knowledgeable of tax implications after you analyze a company's Statement Of Owner's Equity.

An Added Bonus: Real World Examples

This mini-course does more than plainly explain Financial Statements - it actually teaches using real-world scenarios.  Our goal is prepare you to do deal with a business' financial statements with ease; your job is to then acquire more clientele!
The course is written in a manner to help you understand the material quickly. It uses simple explanations that are easy to understand - you can put them into practice immediately. You will apply the knowledge from this course with your own clients right away. One of the most exciting parts is being able to use your professional tax preparer skills, along with your knowledge of financial statements, with specific business organizations like (further education required):
C- Corporations
S- Corporations
Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)


The course is simple and challenging at the same time. This is a beginner to intermediate level course. Sharpen your skills - you may find yourself having a totally different perception toward business tax preparation!


Here Is What You Get:
1. PDF files that you can download right from your desk at anytime. Simply print out what you need and you're set!
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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"
~ Vince Lombardi, Football Coach
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Disclaimer: This mini-course is designed to only provide educational material in regards to the subject matter covered. Your purchase is made with the understanding that A & B Office, and its staff is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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