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Calculating The PTC - Affordable Care Act

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 Calculating The PTC

Complying With The Affordable Care Act




Do you know how to properly calculate the health insurance Premium Tax Credit on a tax return?


Do you know how health insurance Shared Policy Allocations work on a return?


Can you assist an employer and/or a self-employed taxpayer comply with the Affordable Care Act?



Tax professionals and the public at large have been overloaded with health insurance information, some of which has been inaccurate. All of this has made it difficult for people to understand their options, shop the marketplace, and enroll in a plan that is truly the best fit for their income and coverage needs. As a professional tax preparer, this is your opportunity to refresh your tax skills or learn more about this hot topic. You can learn at your own pace with this short and effective mini-course. Learn or simply review the basics on determining and calculating the health insurance Premium Tax Credit (PTC); including the basic tax law surrounding the Affordable Care Act. Course version: 2014/2015 Edition.

The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as “ObamaCare” has been called the most important piece of health-related legislation in U.S. history. And yet today, most Americans still have many practical tax questions about how it is likely to affect their lives, pocketbooks and healthcare. This straightforward, easy-to-read mini-course lays out the groundwork and clears the confusion regarding this important component which impacts the majority of tax returns.  

For tax professionals, understanding the tax law is not an option. You will need to learn how the new health insurance tax laws will affect your client’s tax return. In this Mini-course, you won’t be bombarded with technical health topics and situations that you won't need to preparer your client’s return. The bottom line is that as a tax preparer you need to be ready to answer your client’s questions and provide them with an accurate and professional service.



Tax Law Update 


When You Complete The Course You Will Be Able To: 


Talk To Your Clients With Confidence.  You will learn how to accurately calculate the health insurance Premium Tax Credit and complete Form 8962. You will be able to educate your clients on health insurance tax credits and/or penalties.


Understand Individual Health Care Mandate Tax Law. Determine how changes in family size and income affect a client’s tax return negatively.


Understand Health Insurance Shared Policy Allocations. Determine how a family can share a health insurance policy with another taxpayer.


Identify Insurance Factors Affecting Employers And The Self-Employed. Relate how a self-employed individual, and a company (employer), can comply with the Affordable Care Act.


Here Is What You Get: 


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3. After completing your purchase, please download the course by going to the "Student Center" area of our site. Note that our system will only allow you three downloads; please keep and save your downloaded file in a safe location. 

4. Take advantage of our satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy a FREE look at the course by clicking one the links below. If you think the course will greatly benefit you and your clients - purchase the complete material!

No credit hours will be awarded at the completion of this course. This course is not mandated or required by any organization or institution. Due to the nature of this downloadable course, the material can not be returned or refunded.


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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"
~ Vince Lombardi, Football Coach ~


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