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Easy Depreciation Mini-Course

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Our mini-course re-teaches the basic and practical elements of depreciation. Our continuing education program gives you the skills needed to help your clients achieve their tax and financial objectives. Course version: 2011 / 2012 Edition.



Unlike some books on depreciation which are so esoteric that only the author and few academic types can understand them, this mini-course will deal only with the most important basic/factors in depreciation. We will not waste time talking about ultra-specific subjects you will never encounter. In addition, this text will flow logically from chapter to chapter and will slowly develop your calculation ability. To help you gauge even further just how quickly you are grasping the material, several of the chapters will end with a short quiz. 

In order to be successful in calculating depreciation, you have to learn to use many of the clues that the depreciation system provides. This mini-course will show you how to uncover those clues and turn them into successful tax preparation tactics. In a world of computers and instant communication, many tax preparers believe that a “good” computer and “good” software is enough to calculate depreciation – they are wrong.

This mini-course will teach you the set of financial and IRS rules that will make the calculation of depreciation easy and will make your practice more profitable. After studying the material and completing the quizzes, you will feel more confident in your accounting skills. Best of all, once you get the hang of it, you will spend less time calculating depreciation and you will be able to ascertain if your computer software is giving you accurate numbers – remember that computer programs are victims of “garbage in, garbage out.”

The more you put into learning the material, the more chips you will take from the table! From our end, we will make the learning experience very easy. Also, you can email us your questions - no question is too small.

In this course you’ll learn about several subjects that you might have forgotten, feel insecure about, or simply don’t know the technical accounting guidelines. Gain accounting practice by completing real journal entries as you calculate depreciation. You will soon be a “Pro” with your client’s financial statements.


Learn To Calculate Depreciation!
When you complete the course you will be able to:

Calculate depreciation manually. If you love numbers, this is the best way to sharpen your skills and strengthen the core of your knowledge base.

Understand differences between GAAP and IRS. Learn how companies make decisions, and how they choose the best method to calculate depreciation - without overlooking their bottom line.

Which system to use MACRS or ACRS? After studying these subjects you will be ready to choose the best system - and most importantly know how to apply it to your client’s.

How to calculate a plug number. Is total depreciation reported to the IRS? Well, learning how plug numbers work will give you an advantage when claiming depreciation deductions.

Straight-line depreciation. This is the easiest calculation, but combining this knowledge with current IRS rules, will put you in the best position when making the most of your deductions.

Double-declining balance depreciation. You (and your clients) will benefit from learning the secrets of the DDB calculations.

Depreciation - tax reporting guidelines. Tax preparers should be familiar with reporting depreciation to the IRS. Our mini-course will give you the needed information to correctly report this itrem. 

Class life explanation. Every item has a class life. You will learn how to choose the appropriate class life for any item.

Added bonus. We have included examples of Tax Form 4562 - this will help you practice with real life scenarios.

After mastering this mini-course, we know that you’ll prepare your client’s tax returns with confidence and eliminate the fear when it comes to preparing more complicated returns. 


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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”
Vince Lombardi – Football Coach

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Chapter 1 The Assets

Chapter 2 What is Depreciation?

Chapter 3 Depreciation under GAAP

Chapter 4 Methods of Depreciation

Chapter 5 Units of Production Method

Chapter 6 The Declining Balance Method

Chapter 7 The Sum-Of-The-Year's-Digits

Chapter 8 Depreciation Under IRS Rules

Chapter 9 MACRS

Chapter 10 Straight-Line


                                THE MATERIAL CAN NOT BE RETURNED/REFUNDED. 

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